Friday, 20 October 2017 10:28

Tasting survey of Salicornia (Samphire) Riafresh

The taste tests of Salicornia (Samphire) from Riafresh carried out within the framework of the Integrated Masters in Medicine of the University of Algarve, by Manuela Castro, whose results were presented at the 2017 Master's Congress.

Taste tests and the survey indicate a high intention among tasters to use Riafresh Salicornia as an alternative to salt and as part of a balanced diet.

From the post-tasting survey of Salicórnia Riafresh the following results are highlighted:

- 98% of respondents would use Riafresh vegetables as part of a balanced diet;
- 82% of respondents would often use or always use Riafresh vegetables as a condiment as an alternative to sea salt;
- 93% of the respondents were quite or very satisfied with the salty taste that they felt with the Riafresh vegetables.

Study Presentation

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