The company

At RiaFresh we are devoted to producing greens from Ria Formosa with the highest quality standard.

These products are natural vegetables from Ria Formosa Natural Park, in Algarve, and they are characterized by their appetence for saline environments (halophyte plants).

RiaFresh arose as the result of more than four years of investigation work about the sustainable production of halophytes conducted by the promoters from Agro-On.

RiaFresh’s greens are produced without causing negative impacts on the environment and by assuring food safety. At RiaFresh, the sustainability of resources is one of the main guiding values.

To improve and to diversify the consumption habits to a healthier pattern, to foster the development of halophyte vegetables production as part of the innovation in the horticulture sector and to promote the region’s prosperity are part of our mission.     Tel/Fax: (+351) 289 863 575     Centro Empresarial Gambelas. Pav. E-2., UAlg - Campus de Gambelas, 8005-139 Faro